The Ballona Wetlands Fishing Tales - Hook, Line, & Sinker project recently launched.  It tells the tale that unexpectedly unfolded during my near-daily walks in 2014 to the end of the Ballona Creek jetties and back.  I witnessed the horrific harm caused to local and migrating sea birds (many at risk of extinction) and near-complete devastation to their key food sources by unregulated and unmonitored recreational fishing. I link this local story to the global trend of the 6th Mass Extinction of species showing how seemingly innocent activities contribute to this larger trend, little by little, day by day, without much notice or resistance. 

I invite you to go through the presentation and share the link with your friends, family, colleagues, and others who might be interested.  

I'll be showing and talking about the project at several upcoming events.  See the Events calendar and recent blog post, which contains more detail about each event.  If you do attend any of the events, stop by!  I'd love to meet you.  Either way, I look forward to hearing your ideas and if there is an opportunity to collaborate either in-person or via my contact (email) form.  

In spirit,