Ballona Photography | Dancing Egrets & Other Random Acts of Wildlife

Dancing Egrets & Other Random Acts of Wildlife

August 08, 2017  •  4 Comments

These pics make me smile.  I hope they make you smile, too! Please enjoy these random acts of Ballona wildlife.  

Happy Summer Everyone!


Happy Fish Dinner Dance

Happy Fish Dinner Tango. Note the second Egret’s beak; It’s making its move under the first Egret’s outstretched wing.

Meet the Mergansers. This Merganser couple wintered in the Ballona Wetlands Freshwater Marsh this year.

Mr. & Mrs. Merganser, individual pics.  They insisted.

When I saw this House Finch couple, I noticed them making sure they stayed unusually close to each other.  It was only when I started to edit the pics that I realized Mrs. Finch is blind in her left eye.  Mr. Finch is her seeing-eye-bird!

What better way to start the day than sharing a peck-greeting in the bath!

A little Bee to go along with the birds.

And last, but not least, a random Blue Bellied (Fence) Lizard.  I didn’t realize blue was an option for lizards!



Richard Reece(non-registered)
So beautiful - these creatures of Mother Nature
Lynn suckow(non-registered)
I knew you were good with words, but now I know you are an excellent photographer too! Thanks for sharing your part of the world.
Kim of Westchester(non-registered)
Thanks so much for taking and sharing these beautiful photographs. It is so encouraging to know that there is healthy, flourishing nature right in our own backyard! How much we owe to all those people who fought to protect the wetlands!
Ruth Gonzales(non-registered)
Wow! These are my favorite pictures so far! Love the sweet stories behind them!!!
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